Workplace Dudes

From left to right: Engin Soysal (ME), Jeroen Burgerhout and Richard Sousa Ferreira

Hey You

Welcome to another post. The second post on this blog. 2 in a row… who would’ve guessed.

I did, that is why I’m writing this post. You might not have known this, how would you’ve known, but I have a podcast/webshow with 2 friends. Yes I have friends… who would’ve guessed.

  1. Jeroen Burgerhout –
  2. Richard Sousa Ferreira –

We call ourself the Workplace Dudes (formerly known as the Microsoft Dudes). In this show we talk a lot… … about the IT infrastructure in the workplace.

We work hard so can work hard.

As of writing we now have 5 video’s up on youtube of which 2 have guest speakers. We have guest speakers so people are watching… who would’ve guessed.

I will make a single post of each video we have and in the future I will add them on this webpage but for now you can watch them right here:

  1. S01:E01 | Microsoft Examens en Certificeringen –
  2. S01:E02 | HP Connect for Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) –
  3. S01:E03 | Gast spreker MVP Jeff Wouters – Powershell, Devops en nog veel meer –
  4. S01:E04 | Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome, Microsoft 365 Backup en Windows 11 22H2 update –
  5. S01:E05 |  Gast spreker MVP Rudy Ooms – Remote Wipe, Windows.old folder en nog veel meer –

Oh… btw… the language spoken in these video’s are Dutch. The main reason it’s in Dutch is because I live in the Netherlands and (you’ve guessed it) I’m Dutch. Who would’ve guessed (probably you).

In the coming days I will make a post of each video. So stay tuned and… you know… stay awesome.

Thanks for reading.


Engin Soysal