CoPilot Studio Demo: Navigating the Future – Unveiling the Wonders of CoPilot Studio

Hey you

Hope you’re having a wonderful week, just as I am. I had some time to play around with CoPilot Studio, and let me tell you, this is definitely a game-changer.

What is CoPilot?

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, you might have missed the big boom of AI now conquering the world. Every company is now creating their own AI bot to do… ANYTHING. Microsoft, of course, has a bigger advantage in this field, as they have invested in a little company called OpenAI and created their own AI called CoPilot.

CoPilot will be available on EVERY platform that Microsoft releases, but let’s focus on CoPilot Studio for a bit.

Navigating to, you’ll be greeted with the welcome page of CoPilot Studio. On this page, you can see more information, including pricing. The fun part starts when we actually try CoPilot Studio. Clicking on “Try a demo,” you can actually create your own chatbot.

*Most screenshots will be in Dutch.

I will be using the learn page of Microsoft to create a ChatBot. All we have to do is input the URL and click on “Start Chat,” or in my case, “Chat starten.” It’s actually that easy.

It will utilize the learn website of Microsoft, index the page (if it hasn’t done so already), and try to answer all questions coming from that page.

This isn’t the fun part though. That will come shortly.

If you want to delve deeper into CoPilot Studio, you have to sign in to get the best out of it.

The Power Platform people among us will probably notice that this is actually the Power Platform. CoPilot Studio will be part of the Power Platform as it will (or already has) replace Chatbots.

Let’s create a new CoPilot and give it a name.

The name you give it here will be the name of the CoPilot. All you have to do now is click on “Create,” or in my case, “Maken.” That’s it… you’re done. Pack your bags and go to Hawaii and party all day long.

This is still not the best part, though.

You can start chatting with your new best friend. Remember that we used the learn page of Microsoft to get all its information.

I like to turn on the track; this way, I can see how it works.

You can see the subjects and how it uses that to answer the user. You can add more subjects or change them.

This is still not the coolest part, though.

The coolest part

Now, in my honest opinion, this is the coolest part of CoPilot Studio. You can create new subjects or topics, but you can let it create its own workflow by just giving it one sentence. Let me explain.

Navigating to Topics, or in my case, “Onderwerpen,” you’ll see that you can create a new subject by giving it a description.

By just giving it a simple sentence, it will create new topics for me based on that description. The best part is that it will be generative. I will be giving it the following description:

“Allow users to submit a training request.”

With this single sentence, it created a generative workflow regarding training requests.

Let’s put it to the test

Let’s return to the chatbot and tell it that I want to request training. Let’s see what it will do.

The Topic “Request Training” is triggered, and now it’s going to use the workflow to get all the information that I need.

With just a little sentence, it created a generative topic using AI. I can add an action at the end of this workflow so that it will gather all information and send it via mail to me. How cool is that?


AI is here to stay. Use it and learn it because if you don’t, you’ll be left behind. This CoPilot Studio is your first step into the magnificent world of AI.

Thanks for reading.